Hello! I'm no longer using Neocities to host my website.

Neocities is awesome for hosting your own pages with ease, and if you like it, you should definitely keep using it!

However, I'm a bit more on the tech-savvy side, and I like my customizability. So, I chose to rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server), which is now where my website is running on. It's still reachable under blizz.blue!

You can press the handy button below to go there.

Go to blizz.blue

The nice thing about HTML is that, if you always have the source files (aka. if you locally edit your HTML like me), you can just copy-paste it elsewhere and it'll still work how you want it to - makes it easy to switch!

Anyway, I hope this doesn't come as a disappointment to some. Still the same website after all, just hosted elsewhere!

See ya~

also yes I decided to fix my CSS for a site I'm no longer using, I just like being a little extra